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A drone-eye view of beautiful sensory gardens crisscrossed by many paths. They are surrounded by wooded hills under a clear blue sky.
wellness and relaxation

A spa for active leisure? Why not?

Spas are associated with relaxation and taking things easy, and there are good reasons for that. However, as the spas in the Małopolska mountains demonstrate, leisure can also be active. More

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View of two knights in armour duelling in a castle courtyard. There are people watching them performing on wooden galleries and stairs attached to the stone and brick walls making the background.
amazing culture

The 3-day events’ mania.

How about a special weekend in Małopolska in mid-September? Whether you decide to spend it with a group of friends, on your own, or with a family, you will find a lot of attractions at Juromania: three days’ worth of revelries commemorating a difficult historical heritage and introducing you to a picturesque region. More

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View of a shepherd in a Highlander costume moving among a flock of sheep. There are also other people in the distance among the animals.
delicious local food

Where sheep roam.

The largest 21st-century transhumance had the shepherds walk their sheep, sheepdogs, donkeys, and horses for around 10 miles each day, making them cover over 1200 km (750 miles) along the arch of the Carpathian Mountains during the season. The route started in Romania and continued across the territories of Ukraine, Slovakia, and Poland to end in Czechia. The sheep first walked this route centuries ago. It was discovered and perfected by Wallachians, a sheepherding people who, around the 15th century, arrived in Poland from Transylvania with their rich culture that is still very much alive in Highlander tradition. More

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View of a young woman in a highlander costume picking beautiful red apples from a tree. A path between rows of apple trees is visible behind her, under a clear blue sky.
delicious local food

Magic fruit and where to find it.

Gardens have been the devil’s favourite haunt for temptations since the beginning of days, should The Bible and Good Omens be given credence, and he only used the choicest fruit. Should we acknowledge that Old Nick has switched from the ripest apples to the juiciest plums, he’s quite likely continuing his mission in the gardens of paradise taking up the slopes of Małopolska’s rolling hills. Quite likely around Łącko. More

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