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A huge wall made of distinctive concrete slabs bears the five letters making up the name of the museum. A high-rise block is visible behind it on the left, and a long three-storey building further to the right with some cars parked in front.
amazing culture

Kraków’s modern heritage

Entered on UNESCO’s original World Heritage List, the ancient city of Kraków has a modern face, which it eagerly demonstrates. Modern art is proudly made and displayed here, not only in studios and museums but also in public space. More

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A sumptuous slice of cheesecake on a white plate with colourful border is standing in front of a bouquet of red, violet, and purple flowers with orange centres, on a crude table made of white planks.
delicious local food

Małopolska: sweetly toothsome

Let’s forget for a moment the scenic beauty of autumn to concentrate on the sweet treats capable of mitigating the chill of the season’s cooler winds. There are plenty of quite un-hyped sweets to be enjoyed throughout the region, and hey, yes, they even include an alcoholic beverage. More

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Two red-and-black pods on gondola lift’s cables with treetops below, and a lonely mountain rising from a sea of fog behind snow-swept forested hills.
incredible adventures

Giving you a real lift

The funiculars, cable car, and gondola lift shuttle you up and down Małopolska mountains all year round. They are an attractive way for tourists to travel fast up (or down) the mountains in summer, and – joined by a plethora of ski lifts in winter – offer high velocity and throughput transport to the ski stations situated higher up in the mountains. Małopolska boasts a fair number of those, conveniently situated in different parts of the region. More

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A young couple are taking a relaxing dip in an open thermal pool surrounded by a row of blue deckchairs. The man and woman are immersed in water to the shoulders. A panorama of nearby houses among green trees opens behind them, with the lofty massif of the High Tatras under cloudy sky as the backdrop.
wellness and relaxation

Małopolska hot springs: make the plunge!

Podhale, an area in the south of Małopolska, is a paradise for everyone who values hot mineral springs for relaxation and health benefits. The local thermal waters offer advantages beyond purely therapeutic as the complexes built over them at the foot of the Tatra Mountains also offer active recreation and ways of spending your time leisurely, while health benefits are a valuable “side effect”. More

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