A view of a white plate with three pieces of fish on an elegantly set table. The dish is garnished with green sprigs and some vegetables. The woman sitting behind the table is rising her hand with a pitcher and pouring some sauce over her fish. A blurred glass of white wine is standing on the right in the foreground.
Szara Gęś (The Grey Goose) Restaurant in Kraków.

Gourmet time in Małopolska!


No fewer than 36 places serving food in Kraków have teamed up for the Restaurant Week. As the chefs’ design ingenuity and practical talents combine to present you with the most delicious novelties and unique takes on all-time favourite dishes, why don’t you book a table (best done online, ahead of your visit) and let yourself be treated to the delicacies of the Restaurant Week’s special menus?

A view of the graceful interior of the Bottiglieria Restaurant. The sides are taken by dark wooden tables with chairs; the ones on the right having a long red sofa on their right side. The background consists of a faux stone wall with bottles in the central niche. Modern chandeliers with multiple lamps in the shape of white balls hang from the ceiling.
The Bottiglieria Restaurant in Kraków.

Małopolska is a prime culinary region thanks not only to the international renown of Kraków’s eating places but also to those in lesser yet numerous locations. Wherever you turn within that constellation, first the eyes and then the palate feast on an astonishingly wide array of regional produce and delicacies: cheeses and charcuterie, pastries, fruits and vegetables, honey, artisan beers and recently also wines, and, no you are not mistaken, slivovitz. Furthermore, bread from small local bakeries is a revelation and the number of varieties it comes in is on the rise.

Kraków, the capital of the region, stands as a true epicurean haven. Nowhere else can you find such a remarkable concentration, diversity, and excellence in gastronomy. From local pubs and cosy wine cellars, via stylish cafés and trendy street food joints, to assorted restaurants offering Polish and international cuisine from around the world – Mediterranean, Oriental, Far Eastern, French – you name it, and lo and behold, it is here with hearty dishes, in many cases crafted from seasonal, locally sourced, and sustainably produced ingredients.

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Bottigliera 1881 is worth noting for its two Michelin stars, a rarity in Poland. The name may sound Italian, yet Bottigliera’s chef Przemysław Klima champions natural flavours and sets a great store by premium local produce from Małopolska.
The Restaurant Week in Małopolska lasts from 4 October to 12 November, offering a perfect opportunity to explore the region’s finest dining. While Kraków is a must on your epicurean list, the Restaurant Week in Zakopane is your unique chance to treat your taste buds to the simple but sumptuous cuisine of the Polish Highlanders, while admiring the lofty Tatra Mountains.

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