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A bird-eye view of the lake in the abandoned quarry. The tops of its high limestone walls are crowned with words. Three recreational swimming pools connected with wooden gangways on the surface of the lake take the bottom right-hand corner.

Zakrzówek: a quarry turned into a park with pools.

Kraków is not only built on limestone, as attested by the Wawel Hill rock, but also of limestone, which needed quarrying. But what do you do, when the pit you dug got so deep that you broke to the water-bearing layer and it’s filled with the purest, naturally filtered water? More

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Two girls, turned with their backs to us, are sitting on a bench overlooking a lake in the woods. To their left, two bicycles are standing on a wide path forming the foreground.

Niepołomice: heritage among pristine nature.

What place could be better for a short getaway from the city than one beloved by its king centuries ago? And since that king (the only one Poles called Great!) reigned 700 years ago, the place has turned into a heritage site with, of course, the seven-hundred-year-old royal castle. It may just be a hunting lodge, but we affectionately call it the “Little Wawel”, an especially fitting name since many paintings and sculptures from the royal chambers were moved there for the renovation of Wawel chambers. More

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A long wooden platform runs among tall trees, opening a vista to a tall panoramic tower providing the end of the educational trail.

Inviting Nature Explorers on an Extraordinary Journey.

Gorce Gateway – Brama w Gorce is a nature exploration hub that many envy the city of Nowy Targ in Małopolska. It has long been a favourite destination for families, school groups, and nature enthusiasts, as it fosters a sense of wonder, appreciation, and responsibility toward the environment. Nestled in the valley of the Kowaniec stream, it has been thoughtfully designed for active nature enthusiasts seeking a unique experience bringing together adventure and fun, seasonal delights, and an educational hub promoting environmental awareness and sustainable tourism. What better way to explore local natural and landscape treasures? More

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An eight-dog sled team in full canter. Four pairs of dogs tow a sleigh with a bent figure of the musher in dark clothes under a white number shirt inside. The dogs are running on white snow, and the background consists solely of blurred trees.

Watch Europe’s Best Dog Sledding Teams Race.

Are you looking for a thrilling and unique winter experience? Do you love dogs and are eager to see them in action? Do you want to witness some of Europe’s best mushers compete for glory? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should not miss the Dog Sled Races in Zawoja, promising not just a sporting spectacle but a celebration of winter joy. More

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