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View of the rocks forming the floor, walls, and ceiling of the cave. Some areas are illuminated with warm orange light.

In a Hole in the Ground…

Each has taken millions of years to develop, and each is unique, like a fingerprint. Caves. Empty spaces in the rock, some are mere hollows, while others extend into long branching galleries deep into the dark. Products of nature, chiselled with soft water in hard stone, they have always inspired our imagination. Although none of Małopolska’s caves has given rise to legends of trolls, Gollum, and the One Ring, we have a dragon! The Wawel Dragon. And many of the most beautiful among the over 4000 Polish caves. Let’s have a short peek into a handful, shall we? More

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View from the top of Mt Sokolica, capturing the breathtaking landscape of the wooded and sunlit Pieniny Mountains. Mist is rising from the valley between the ridges. The sky is blue with white clouds.

The Pieniny.

A pocket-size cluster of tall limestone rocks with tall white cliffs, at whose foot the fast-flowing Dunajec River meanders, is a perfect destination for the whole family, as it offers many attractive ways of spending time together, and boasts perfect accommodation in close vicinity. More

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A view of a large group of cyclists passing through the starting gate as they start the race. There are many advertisements on the gate and on two oversized balloons standing behind clusters of spectators, who can be seen cheering on both sides of the track.

Kraków and Małopolska: Pumped for Cycling Adventures.

It is not without a reason that Poland’s largest cycling event, Tour de Pologne finishes in Kraków, the capital of the Małopolska Region and a perfect destination for all cycling enthusiasts. Cycling has long been a favourite pastime around here, and Kraków, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and perfect accommodation base in and around the city, is an ideal destination for cyclists seeking more than just an outdoor adventure. More

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A woman and a man are lifting a small boy up into the air. The two is walking across a meadow with tall grass and flowers. In the background, there are numerous wooded hills, and the sky is blue with cottony white clouds.

Beauty that has Waited for you for 150 Million Years.

Thanks to the picturesque landscapes and rich history, a walk, a ride or a drive in Małopolska offers a perfect blend of history, adventure, and breathtaking vistas that will leave you in awe. Read on to discover the captivating world of the Trail of Eagles’ Nests and Ojcowski National Park, where history and nature intertwine to create an enchanting experience for adults and children alike. More

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