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A look into a sauna illuminated with soft light. A woman wrapped in a towel is sitting on a wooden bench, while a man wrapped in another towel is lying at her feet. Both have closed eyes.

Defying climate warming.

While the climate warms up, modern technologies allow the jolly march of the saunas from their native Finland southward. Saunas may not have ventured to Małopolska long ago, but they have certainly settled in here for good, just like thermal baths. And they’re thriving. More

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A drone-eye view of beautiful sensory gardens crisscrossed by many paths. They are surrounded by wooded hills under a clear blue sky.

A spa for active leisure? Why not?

Spas are associated with relaxation and taking things easy, and there are good reasons for that. However, as the spas in the Małopolska mountains demonstrate, leisure can also be active. More

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A view of a young, smiling couple – a woman and a man – admiring the breathtaking landscape from the glazed panoramic terrace. Numerous wooded hills can be seen in the background. The sky is blue, overcast with white clouds.

The Romantic Małopolska.

Coffees lazily sipped in cozy cafés, the beautiful nooks waiting to be explored, and the mountain trails to walk hand in hand – Małopolska abounds with places where love can be celebrated! If you’re still wondering where to take your dearest person for an unforgettable time together, come and see Małopolska! More

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A view of two people relaxing among nature on a sophisticated sun lounger. They are mirrored in a small water reservoir with pebbles arranged along the edge taking the front of the photo, while the background consists of a wall of trees.

Zdrój means spa: in and around Krynica-Zdrój.

Since times immemorial, people sought rejuvenation and healing in waters, a concept echoed in today’s spas combining the idea of healing the body and soul through mineral waters, oils, and herbal treatments. You can say that spas extend the range of applications of the natural healing waters, previously employed in health resorts and sanatoriums, as they use them for therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments such as massages, saunas, and hydrotherapy. In today’s all-too-fast world, the importance of relaxation and stress relief cannot be overstated, especially when that relief occurs in serene natural settings. More

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