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A view of the glazed entrance to a fair and congress venue fronted by an extensive empty car park with a tall post with the name of the venue.

10 Virtual Tours of Kraków and Małopolska Conference Venues.

Małopolska is a perfect region for organising congresses, conferences, fairs, and any other types of business meetings. More

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A bird’s eye view of sunlit Wawel Hill, with the ramparts enclosing the Queen’s Gardens in the front, and the walls of the Castle towering over those, slightly dwarfing the Cathedral and towers in the rear. All the tall roofs are made of brick-red tiles, and the spires of green copper sheets. The background consists of clusters of building between which a river is winding its way. The clear sky is blue.

Małopolska: boosting the Wow! factor of your incentive event.

As Małopolska brings together a varied natural environment, a lavish cultural and gourmet offer, and an equally lavish range of conference and hotel facilities, is it not a dream for the organisers of memorable incentive events? The more so, as the region’s organisers excel at building experiences worth more than money can buy. More

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A dusk-time bird’s eye view of the metallic terraced roof and walls of a very large conference building. The wavy façade is fully glazed, and the wall on the right composed of colourful tiles. Two hotels and expanses of residential estates can be seen behind it, and busy streets with people, cars, and busses in front and on the right.

International Congress and Convention Association chooses Kraków.

We are happy to announce that the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) has chosen Kraków for the venue of the 61st ICCA Congress. The event is the perfect opportunity to become familiar with the latest trends in the meetings industry, establish new business relationships, and to build your network. Registration is already open. More

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Discovering the world leads to great things. And Małopolska favors it like no other place. This is where the impossible for many happens. Kraków, meaning: an international, recognized research center, the center of the oldest and one of the best universities in Europe, the most advanced research structures in the country #krakowthehostcity Meet the discoverers who set new directions: Professor Agnieszka Zalewska, high energy physicist. The first woman and the first Pole in history to act as the President of the CERN Council. Professor Marek Stankiewicz, physicist, researcher of microparticles. Director of an international research center – the only one in Poland, one of the few in Europe. Get to know the two faces of Małopolska. Which one are you going to choose? #itstimeformeetings More

Małopolska has more to offer. Look and see: