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A view of a white plate with three pieces of fish on an elegantly set table. The dish is garnished with green sprigs and some vegetables. The woman sitting behind the table is rising her hand with a pitcher and pouring some sauce over her fish. A blurred glass of white wine is standing on the right in the foreground.

Gourmet time in Małopolska!

No fewer than 36 places serving food in Kraków have teamed up for the Restaurant Week. As the chefs’ design ingenuity and practical talents combine to present you with the most delicious novelties and unique takes on all-time favourite dishes, why don’t you book a table (best done online, ahead of your visit) and let yourself be treated to the delicacies of the Restaurant Week’s special menus? More

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A view of two hands cutting off a cluster of red grapes against the background of out-of-focus grass.

Long time no seed: grape harvest in Małopolska.

These were monks who introduced grapevine to Małopolska in the early Middle Ages. Vineyards thrived through centuries, though they were plagued by cold periods, natural disasters, and wartime damage. Later the drab Orwellian days of the people’s republic under the communist thrall were ruthless to viniculture, as this “bourgeoisie invention” was by all means inappropriate class-wise. Little wonder that the region’s wine production, hailed for centuries for its excellence, dried up. More

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View of a shepherd in a Highlander costume moving among a flock of sheep. There are also other people in the distance among the animals.

Where sheep roam.

The largest 21st-century transhumance had the shepherds walk their sheep, sheepdogs, donkeys, and horses for around 10 miles each day, making them cover over 1200 km (750 miles) along the arch of the Carpathian Mountains during the season. The route started in Romania and continued across the territories of Ukraine, Slovakia, and Poland to end in Czechia. The sheep first walked this route centuries ago. It was discovered and perfected by Wallachians, a sheepherding people who, around the 15th century, arrived in Poland from Transylvania with their rich culture that is still very much alive in Highlander tradition. More

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View of a young woman in a highlander costume picking beautiful red apples from a tree. A path between rows of apple trees is visible behind her, under a clear blue sky.

Magic fruit and where to find it.

Gardens have been the devil’s favourite haunt for temptations since the beginning of days, should The Bible and Good Omens be given credence, and he only used the choicest fruit. Should we acknowledge that Old Nick has switched from the ripest apples to the juiciest plums, he’s quite likely continuing his mission in the gardens of paradise taking up the slopes of Małopolska’s rolling hills. Quite likely around Łącko. More

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