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Four round bagels lying one on another, each sports a different topping. They all lie on a table built of white planks.

Jewish cuisine and where to find it.

For centuries, Kraków has been a meeting place of various cultures, naturally reflected in its cuisine and dietary habits. That’s why the Jewish cuisine is found within Polish just as influences from the Orient, the Holy Roman Empire, and Italy are. More

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A pyramid of round deep-fried and lavishly glazed doughnuts is standing on a metal tray in front of an elegant box bearing the logo of Cichowscy Confectionery.

Bidding Winter a Fatty and Not-Overfond Farewell.

Fat Thursday, the day when we indulge in glutting on fatty and sweet delicacies without their weight lying heavy on our conscience, comes but once a year. While some point to the Roman origin of such a tradition of saying farewell to winter, others note that it has a far longer pedigree, and yet others claim that it hails from the Slavic lands where it evolved from pagan rites. Nonetheless, everyone agrees that such judgements cannot be pronounced without gorging on angel wings and doughnuts. More

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A cup filled with red borscht is standing on a saucer next to a peroh dough pocket with savoury filling. The whole is standing on a white wooden table.

Where Saffron Milk Caps are Served on Wild Tables.

Małopolska, today and historically, has been a meeting place for cultures, peoples, and nations – a borderland region with supreme ethnic vibrancy and cultural diversity. Even with much of the ethnic diversity lost in the turmoil of history, Małopolska has remained a cultural melting pot, where the traditions of numerous national, ethnic, and religious minorities make up the colourful and intriguing landscape of the region. An important part of that kaleidoscope have been Lemkos. More

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A view of a bowl filled with soup. There is a hefty piece of sparerib and some potatoes in the soup that someone is beginning to eat with a spoon. The eater’s hands can be seen on both sides of the bowl.

Winter in the land of electrified teas and heart-warming soups.

Winter has arrived, unsurprisingly, bringing with it chilly temperatures that make us crave something warm and comforting. Realising this, besides the picturesque landscapes, Małopolska offers a range of warming activities and also plenty of warming-up drinks. Unsurprisingly (after all, Poland has become quite famous and notorious for that), some of them may contain alcohol. Perhaps, even less surprising than that, some of them are soups. More

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