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A traditional wicker Easter basket containing among others a bread baked into the form of a lamb, cottage cheese, and Easter decorations. The basket itself is decorated with boxwood and colourful paper flowers.

Bluff your way into a Polish Easter basket.

Easter, the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection, is one of the two greatest religious holidays in Małopolska. One of the symbols of rebirth used throughout the country are eggs. In the days preceding Easter, they used to be meticulously painted into intricate colourful patterns – the pisanki, or dyed into gaudy colours while boiling – the kraszanki. More

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A view of three wooden shelves with properly labelled jars of natural honey.

Boost your resilience.

As the temperatures have dropped, short days with insufficient sunlight offer an excuse to grumble, and seasonal infections make headlines, many people in Małopolska turn to traditional foods to boost their resilience and keep them healthy through the winter and early spring. More

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A top view of a wooden table set decoratively for a Christmas feast. Four dough pockets (pierogi), one of them cut into halves, arranged in a large table bottom centre; more pierogi are visible in a tureen standing above it.

Christmas delicacies and where to find them.

Although Christmas is far from being only about food, studying Polish customs, watching the fairs in market squares, and listening to Poles discussing Christmas, you may start having doubts about that. To help you make up your mind, let us examine a handful (mouthful?) of insider hints. More

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A dark green corked bottle is standing behind two glasses with some red wine on a wooden table that also supports a bowl on a short stem with a candle inside. Two other out-of-focus candles can be seen in the background against some vertical strips.

Enjoy the treasures of autumn.

Living in the “global village”, we might have become slightly disconnected from the traditional practices based on the natural rhythm of seasons. We might have forgotten that autumn, the season following harvest and preceding winter, was the time of plenty for our grandfathers and their grandfathers’ grandfathers as well. The time when larders and granaries were full, and you could follow the carpe diem maxim, and enjoy the pleasures of the well-laden table pushing away the thought about the first frosty breaths of winter. More

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