The Great “Lesser” Poland

How about visiting a great place renown for hospitality, offering plentiful comfortable accommodation? A place that enjoys sharing its culture, offering great experiences from active leisure to tours and visits to museums, from grand festivals to informal concerts, from fine restaurants to pubs where you meet over a pint or two? A place where you can descend 400ft into ancient salt mines, admire royal treasuries, do trainspotting, and even visit Europe’s only desert? Wouldn’t it be a great idea for your holiday or just a short break? Even if I told you I keep saying “great” because the place is known as “Lesser” Poland – Małopolska? More

May we suggest?

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A young couple with a small child are walking briskly in the Main Market Square in Kraków. There is a flock of pigeons on the square's floor behind them on the right, the Town Hall Tower peers from behind the man’s shoulder, while the Cloth Hall provides the background for the woman. It is a sunny day, and the setting sun is casting long shadows.

Kraków: a multi-faceted UNESCO gem.

In 1978, UNESCO, a UN agency promoting world peace and security through international cooperation in arts and culture, published its original list of just one hundred World Cultural and Natural Heritage sites scattered all around the globe. One of them was the city centre of Kraków encompassing the Jewish district of Kazimierz. However, UNESCO did not stop at that as it granting Kraków the title of UNESCO City of Literature in 2013. More

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A view of a white plate with three pieces of fish on an elegantly set table. The dish is garnished with green sprigs and some vegetables. The woman sitting behind the table is rising her hand with a pitcher and pouring some sauce over her fish. A blurred glass of white wine is standing on the right in the foreground.

Gourmet time in Małopolska!

No fewer than 36 places serving food in Kraków have teamed up for the Restaurant Week. As the chefs’ design ingenuity and practical talents combine to present you with the most delicious novelties and unique takes on all-time favourite dishes, why don’t you book a table (best done online, ahead of your visit) and let yourself be treated to the delicacies of the Restaurant Week’s special menus? More

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An aerial view of the Tarnów market square. Tarnów town hall stands In the centre of the square, surrounded by townhouses. The whole is dominated by the tall spire of the cathedral soaring from among more townhouses into the white clouds that are visible in the blue sky.

Eastern Małopolska: rightfully stepping out of a shadow.

Hailed as the warmest corner of Poland with the highest number of sunny days in the country, the area around Tarnów, Małopolska’s second-largest city, is often obscured and outshone by the global fame of Kraków, the region’s capital. If this part of Małopolska is sometimes neglected, it is a great injustice indeed! More

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A view of two hands cutting off a cluster of red grapes against the background of out-of-focus grass.

Long time no seed: grape harvest in Małopolska.

These were monks who introduced grapevine to Małopolska in the early Middle Ages. Vineyards thrived through centuries, though they were plagued by cold periods, natural disasters, and wartime damage. Later the drab Orwellian days of the people’s republic under the communist thrall were ruthless to viniculture, as this “bourgeoisie invention” was by all means inappropriate class-wise. Little wonder that the region’s wine production, hailed for centuries for its excellence, dried up. More

about project

This promotional campaign is carried out within the “Małopolska – travel destination” project co-financed from European Union funds, as part of Measure 3.3 “Internationalisation of the Małopolska Economy”, Sub-measure 3.3.1 “Promotion of the Małopolska Economy” type E. promotion of the region’s economic offer – counteracting the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic under Priority Axis 3 Entrepreneurial Małopolska of the Regional Operational Programme for Małopolska 2014–2020.

The promotional campaign helps to rebuild inbound foreign tourist traffic to Małopolska and Kraków. The campaign comprises extensive promotional activities in various markets, including those of the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland). The project envisages a wide range of image-building activities, and the organisation of business missions and ambient marketing events. The campaign will have a dedicated landing page, and plans encompass social media profiles. There will also be an online advertising campaign focused on active, cultural, spa and wellness, and gourmet tourism, with an additional one focused on business tourism.
The “Małopolska – travel destination” project lasts from 1 November 2020 to 31 December 2023 and combines the efforts of the three Partners: the Małopolska Tourist Organisation (Project Leader), the Małopolska Region and the Municipality of Kraków (Project Partners).