The Great “Lesser” Poland

How about visiting a great place renown for hospitality, offering plentiful comfortable accommodation? A place that enjoys sharing its culture, offering great experiences from active leisure to tours and visits to museums, from grand festivals to informal concerts, from fine restaurants to pubs where you meet over a pint or two? A place where you can descend 400ft into ancient salt mines, admire royal treasuries, do trainspotting, and even visit Europe’s only desert? Wouldn’t it be a great idea for your holiday or just a short break? Even if I told you I keep saying “great” because the place is known as “Lesser” Poland – Małopolska? More

May we suggest?

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A young woman in a crash helmet and sports clothes is riding a bicycle along a road going uphill through a green wood in the mountains against a background of well lit trees and green undergrowth.

Kraków & Małopolska: European Games 2023

The world’s greatest sport event, boasting a tradition spanning 2799 years (Yes, this is no mistake: nearly 28 centuries!) is about to start in Małopolska this summer. And yes, that means that the European Games in Kraków and Małopolska are less than 100 days away! More

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A view of a mountain clearing with plenty of purple crocuses. There are patches of snow lying in the valley. The left is taken by the eaves of a wooden cottage, and the right by the forested knees of the Tatra Mountains under the blue sky in the centre.

Your cheerful swing into spring

If once upon a midnight dreary, you realise you’re fed up with winter (particularly because it is drab and dreary), and you ponder – weak and weary – what to do about it, hesitate then no longer and treat yourself to steaming thermal bath that will make your soul grow stronger. Take a break and make a cheerful swing into spring. Only this and nothing more! More

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A view of the figure of St Simon on a column surrounded by beautiful Easter palms, very tall and colourful, submitted to the annual competition. The palms are made of willow reeds, and decorated with boxwood, and colourful flowers and ribbons, mostly made of tissue paper. The figure is surrounded by a crowd of people admiring the beautiful palms under the blue sky against the tall roofs of the market square.

Małopolska Rites of Spring

There is no other time for joyful celebration like the end of winter slumber, when all the nature is joyfully springing to life. Little wonder, all cultures and religions have developed particular celebrations for this time. Many of them are observed in local communities of Małopolska, a region that has retained many traditions, some of which date back to pagan times and have been transformed by not only the Western but also Orthodox and Greek churches. More

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A traditional wicker Easter basket containing among others a bread baked into the form of a lamb, cottage cheese, and Easter decorations. The basket itself is decorated with boxwood and colourful paper flowers.

Bluff your way into a Polish Easter basket

Easter, the celebration of Christ’s Resurrection, is one of the two greatest religious holidays in Małopolska. One of the symbols of rebirth used throughout the country are eggs. In the days preceding Easter, they used to be meticulously painted into intricate colourful patterns – the pisanki, or dyed into gaudy colours while boiling – the kraszanki. More

about project

This promotional campaign is carried out within the “Małopolska – travel destination” project co-financed from European Union funds, as part of Measure 3.3 “Internationalisation of the Małopolska Economy”, Sub-measure 3.3.1 “Promotion of the Małopolska Economy” type E. promotion of the region’s economic offer – counteracting the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic under Priority Axis 3 Entrepreneurial Małopolska of the Regional Operational Programme for Małopolska 2014–2020.

The promotional campaign helps to rebuild inbound foreign tourist traffic to Małopolska and Kraków. The campaign comprises extensive promotional activities in various markets, including those of the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland). The project envisages a wide range of image-building activities, and the organisation of business missions and ambient marketing events. The campaign will have a dedicated landing page, and plans encompass social media profiles. There will also be an online advertising campaign focused on active, cultural, spa and wellness, and gourmet tourism, with an additional one focused on business tourism.
The “Małopolska – travel destination” project lasts from 1 November 2020 to 31 December 2023 and combines the efforts of the three Partners: the Małopolska Tourist Organisation (Project Leader), the Małopolska Region and the Municipality of Kraków (Project Partners).