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A young couple with a small child are walking briskly in the Main Market Square in Kraków. There is a flock of pigeons on the square's floor behind them on the right, the Town Hall Tower peers from behind the man’s shoulder, while the Cloth Hall provides the background for the woman. It is a sunny day, and the setting sun is casting long shadows.

Kraków: a multi-faceted UNESCO gem.

In 1978, UNESCO, a UN agency promoting world peace and security through international cooperation in arts and culture, published its original list of just one hundred World Cultural and Natural Heritage sites scattered all around the globe. One of them was the city centre of Kraków encompassing the Jewish district of Kazimierz. However, UNESCO did not stop at that as it granting Kraków the title of UNESCO City of Literature in 2013. More

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An aerial view of the Tarnów market square. Tarnów town hall stands In the centre of the square, surrounded by townhouses. The whole is dominated by the tall spire of the cathedral soaring from among more townhouses into the white clouds that are visible in the blue sky.

Eastern Małopolska: rightfully stepping out of a shadow.

Hailed as the warmest corner of Poland with the highest number of sunny days in the country, the area around Tarnów, Małopolska’s second-largest city, is often obscured and outshone by the global fame of Kraków, the region’s capital. If this part of Małopolska is sometimes neglected, it is a great injustice indeed! More

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An aerial view of Kraków’s Main Market Square, with the brightly illuminated Cloth Hall taking the centre of the shot. Standing tall behind its left wing is the Town Hall Tower outlined against the evening orange-red sky. The foreground is speckled with a few rows of restaurant tables under umbrellas.

The Cloth Hall. Kraków’s oldest shopping arcade.

One of the buildings that visitors arriving in Kraków immediately recognise from countless photos is the Cloth Hall – Sukiennice, taking the centre of the city’s Main Market Square. Not all of them, however, realise that the building is the city’s oldest shopping arcade, and that it stands in the middle of a square where the inhabitants of the rapidly growing royal capital city could buy all the commodities they needed. More

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View of two knights in armour duelling in a castle courtyard. There are people watching them performing on wooden galleries and stairs attached to the stone and brick walls making the background.

The 3-day events’ mania.

How about a special weekend in Małopolska in mid-September? Whether you decide to spend it with a group of friends, on your own, or with a family, you will find a lot of attractions at Juromania: three days’ worth of revelries commemorating a difficult historical heritage and introducing you to a picturesque region. More

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