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An expanse of green meadow with some solitary trees makes the foreground. Hills, their feet enshrouded in mist, stand in the background under a cloudy sky coloured in all hues of yellow, golden, orange, pink, and violet by the setting sun.

Małopolska: to live it better not faster

How about a rest from the traffic, commercials, and the news? A bonfire with friends? Breathing clear air and washing in crystalline water undoused with chloride? Sitting by a fireplace after a day’s fill of trekking or skiing, or perhaps your favourite creative pursuits? If you would, Małopolska slow living culture and agritourism hosts are an ideal option for you. More

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A view of a Highlander band walking along a street. Men and women of various age dressed in regional costumes walk a tarmac road with a strip of pavement on the right. The blurred Highlander in the forgraound is holding a camera in the right and a walking stick in the right hand. Most members of the orchestra are playing the violins, and the woman in the centre wrapped in a red scarf is playing a large cello. The sky over the roofs of the houses in the background is blue.

Polish Highlanders: a fine and genuine culture to admire

Some say that the key difference between Górale – the Polish Highlanders – and those living in Scotland is that Górale live in the south and the Scottish Highlanders – in the north. This may be an exaggeration, yet similarities are plenty, with costume, playing the bagpipe, vernacular language, and a particular sense of humour certainly being among them. And the culture they developed over the centuries is certainly worth interest. More

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A thick young crowd are leisurely seated in deckchairs in the open at the foot of Forum Przestrzenie. In the background, a great Ferris wheel stands against a sunset.

A hipster’s guide to Kraków

Can you to escape the burden and the context of history in one of the two cities UNESCO recognised world Heritage? The answer is “Yes, of course”, all you need is to move away from the districts that are inescapably bound with history. More

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A group of people men and women dance in the street, holding hands. A high brightly lit stage stands in front of the brick building in the background. The TV wall on the right shows a man playing the trumpet.

Jewish Culture Festival and beyond

Małopolska, like a lens, brings together the centuries of Jewish life in Poland. Never failing to honour the victims of the Holocaust, it cherishes the memory of the centuries when the two cultures – Christian and Jewish – coexisted, strongly emphasising the significance of the Jewish culture born in the region and radiating from it. More

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