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A low view of a trellised row of dark bluish grapes taken with a fisheye lens in full sun under a cloudless sky. A similar row of grapevine can be seen on the right-hand side of the picture. The grass growing beneath them is thick and lush.
delicious local food

Małopolska: unexplored appellation, hidden delight.

Wines matured under the Małopolska sun are highly pleasing for the palate, and a journey to their birthplaces offers the unique chance of drinking delicious wine in or near the domain with a breath-taking view, quite likely of the Tatra or Gorce Mountains, or the Vistula Valley by Kraków as, surprisingly, one of the most renowned local vineyards is not only nestled within the city limits but also within the grounds of a Camaldolese Monastery. More

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A view of a historical bandshell and the New Pump House on the far side of Krynica Spa Promenade. Some tourists are walking along the wide sunlit promenade, while others sit on white benches. The foreground is taken by a carpet of flowers.
wellness and relaxation

Krynica-Zdrój: it’s all in the name.

Nestled on a picturesque slope amidst abundant mineral springs revered for their healing properties since the late 18th century, Krynica Zdrój captivates with its scenic beauty. As one of Poland’s most versatile spas, it hosts a range of events, from the prestigious International Economic Forum, once dubbed “the Polish Davos,” to the Jan Kiepura Festival, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. More

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A band are performing on a large open-air stage in the centre of the picture. Two musicians playing trumpets can be seen on a bright TV wall to its right. In the square in front of the stage, hundreds of people are listening to the evening concert, there is a large historical brick building behind the stage.
amazing culture

Tapestry of Cultures: Kraków Festival Medley.

Can you preserve your identity while embracing the cultural traditions and spirit of other cities and cultures? Kraków answers with a resounding yes. For many years, the city has immersed itself in the Jewish world through the annual Jewish Culture Festival, held every summer since 1990. It has also transformed into a distant part of New Orleans for the Summer Jazz Festival Kraków, only to return to its multinational cosmopolitan ambiance for the ULICA Festival of Street Theatres. More

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Beautiful ripe strawberries lie in two wooden baskets to the right of a larger basket with dark sweet cherries on the right.
delicious local food

Kraków Summer Flavours. A Guide.

A tip from a Małopolska: summer hasn’t truly happened until you’ve visited several local ice cream parlours and indulged in your favourite flavours. Believe it or not, many children sneak out of their homes or make long detours on the way home from school to visit their preferred ice cream spots on the first genuinely warm days, which usually occur towards the end of the school year. That is why locals often have such incredible and nostalgic experiences associated with ice cream shops. More

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