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A view up the hill, whose slope is due taken up by rows upon rows of simple nameless graves with roofed wooden crosses. The tower of the cemetery chapel visible at the top of the hill in the background is surrounded by a cluster of trees.
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Echoes of 1914–18: visiting First World War heritage.

War made nobody great but the war of 1914 was deemed one to put an end to all the wars anywhere around the world. This is perhaps why it was soon dubbed “world war” and, when time proved the assertion wrong, was renamed the First World War. In 1914–18, thousands of British soldiers were spilling blood in the fields of Western Europe, as commemorated by plaques and regimental flags in nearly all parish churches. Many of the bloodiest and most prolonged battles raged on the Eastern Front that long ravaged eastern Małopolska. More

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A young man standing behind a sophisticated camera is holding a cordless mike, perhaps asking a question. Groups of people sitting on deck chairs in front of a white tent form the background.
amazing culture

Mastercard OFF CAMERA: Message Matters.

The 17th Mastercard OFF CAMERA International Festival of Independent Cinema is slated for 26 April – 5 May 2024. Which means that this international festival has evolved for the last sixteen years. In all that time, it’s remained faithful to its purpose: to present and comment on global developments. Thus, it’s only to be expected that this year’s edition will touch upon the current wars and pushbacks. More

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Four round bagels lying one on another, each sports a different topping. They all lie on a table built of white planks.
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Jewish cuisine and where to find it.

For centuries, Kraków has been a meeting place of various cultures, naturally reflected in its cuisine and dietary habits. That’s why the Jewish cuisine is found within Polish just as influences from the Orient, the Holy Roman Empire, and Italy are. More

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A bird-eye view of the lake in the abandoned quarry. The tops of its high limestone walls are crowned with words. Three recreational swimming pools connected with wooden gangways on the surface of the lake take the bottom right-hand corner.
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Zakrzówek: a quarry turned into a park with pools.

Kraków is not only built on limestone, as attested by the Wawel Hill rock, but also of limestone, which needed quarrying. But what do you do, when the pit you dug got so deep that you broke to the water-bearing layer and it’s filled with the purest, naturally filtered water? More

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