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A colourful procession is going up Grodzka street. The person in the centre is walking among a crowd of people and carrying a large colourful star on a tall pole. There are some buildings on the left, and Wyspiański Pavilion and a huge Christmas tree on the right.
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Following the Yonder Star.

The Feast of the Epiphany on 6 January, known in Poland as the Three Kings’ Festivity – Święto Trzech Króli – has sparked many customs in Małopolska. Recently, their number has been joined by big parades in the cities and towns. And Kraków boasts as many as three of them each year. More

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A cup filled with red borscht is standing on a saucer next to a peroh dough pocket with savoury filling. The whole is standing on a white wooden table.
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Where Saffron Milk Caps are Served on Wild Tables.

Małopolska, today and historically, has been a meeting place for cultures, peoples, and nations – a borderland region with supreme ethnic vibrancy and cultural diversity. Even with much of the ethnic diversity lost in the turmoil of history, Małopolska has remained a cultural melting pot, where the traditions of numerous national, ethnic, and religious minorities make up the colourful and intriguing landscape of the region. An important part of that kaleidoscope have been Lemkos. More

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An eight-dog sled team in full canter. Four pairs of dogs tow a sleigh with a bent figure of the musher in dark clothes under a white number shirt inside. The dogs are running on white snow, and the background consists solely of blurred trees.
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Watch Europe’s Best Dog Sledding Teams Race.

Are you looking for a thrilling and unique winter experience? Do you love dogs and are eager to see them in action? Do you want to witness some of Europe’s best mushers compete for glory? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should not miss the Dog Sled Races in Zawoja, promising not just a sporting spectacle but a celebration of winter joy. More

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A drone-eye view of Kraków's Main Market Square at dusk on a winter evening. The brightly illuminated Christmas market stalls take the bottom left-hand corner are surrounded by a line of townhouses, the Cloth Hall, and the Town Hall Tower, with the façade of St Mary's Church peering from behind the centrally photographed Cloth Hall. Everything is gently sprinkled with snow.
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Shopping in the Christmas spirit.

It is shopping in the Christmas spirit, and not Christmas in the spirit of shopping that Kraków Christmas fairs boast most happily and truly. It is no surprise that their fame is on the rise, and it is definitely a good idea to hurry and visit them before they become overcrowded like so many of their counterparts throughout Europe. More

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