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A bird’s eye view of sunlit Wawel Hill, with the ramparts enclosing the Queen’s Gardens in the front, and the walls of the Castle towering over those, slightly dwarfing the Cathedral and towers in the rear. All the tall roofs are made of brick-red tiles, and the spires of green copper sheets. The background consists of clusters of building between which a river is winding its way. The clear sky is blue.

Małopolska: boosting the Wow! factor of your incentive event

As Małopolska brings together a varied natural environment, a lavish cultural and gourmet offer, and an equally lavish range of conference and hotel facilities, is it not a dream for the organisers of memorable incentive events? The more so, as the region’s organisers excel at building experiences worth more than money can buy. More

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A dusk-time bird’s eye view of the metallic terraced roof and walls of a very large conference building. The wavy façade is fully glazed, and the wall on the right composed of colourful tiles. Two hotels and expanses of residential estates can be seen behind it, and busy streets with people, cars, and busses in front and on the right.

International Congress and Convention Association chooses Kraków

We are happy to announce that the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) has chosen Kraków for the venue of the 61st ICCA Congress. The event is the perfect opportunity to become familiar with the latest trends in the meetings industry, establish new business relationships, and to build your network. Registration is already open. More

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A view of the centre of Szczawnica spa focusing on the Dom nad Zdrojami pump room. There is a round fountain with waterjets and a woman’s statue in the foreground, and Café Helenka above it on the right.
wellness and relaxation

Szczawnica spa: where boredom is hard to find

Do you prefer an active or a leisurely stay at a spa? Especially if your answer’s been “both”, Szczawnica, the ideal Małopolska spa, is the right place for you! Even if leisure was expected to be leisurely, there are so many options to be active in and around Szczawnica that not getting active during your stay or visit verges on the impossible. Whichever activity you choose, you can do it at your favourite pace, whether entirely unhurried or active-active. One thing is certain: you will feast your eyes on the beautiful panoramas of the nearby mountains. More

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A view of a Highlander band walking along a street. Men and women of various age dressed in regional costumes walk a tarmac road with a strip of pavement on the right. The blurred Highlander in the forgraound is holding a camera in the right and a walking stick in the right hand. Most members of the orchestra are playing the violins, and the woman in the centre wrapped in a red scarf is playing a large cello. The sky over the roofs of the houses in the background is blue.
amazing culture

Polish Highlanders: a fine and genuine culture to admire

Some say that the key difference between Górale – the Polish Highlanders – and those living in Scotland is that Górale live in the south and the Scottish Highlanders – in the north. This may be an exaggeration, yet similarities are plenty, with costume, playing the bagpipe, vernacular language, and a particular sense of humour certainly being among them. And the culture they developed over the centuries is certainly worth interest. More

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