An eight-dog sled team in full canter. Four pairs of dogs tow a sleigh with a bent figure of the musher in dark clothes under a white number shirt inside. The dogs are running on white snow, and the background consists solely of blurred trees.
Dog sledding.

Watch Europe’s Best Dog Sledding Teams Race.


Are you looking for a thrilling and unique winter experience? Do you love dogs and are eager to see them in action? Do you want to witness some of Europe’s best mushers compete for glory? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should not miss the Dog Sled Races in Zawoja, promising not just a sporting spectacle but a celebration of winter joy.

A view from Mt Babia Góra down on beautifully snow-clad trees on its white slope. The very distant plane is taken by hills under a blue sky, with the sun visible on the right.
Mt Babia Góra in wintry garb.

Dog Sled Racing is a spectacular sports event for teams of dogs pulling sleds driven by human mushers. What participating humans and dogs need to test the speed, endurance, and teamwork of the two species are snow-covered trails, and what the cheering humans want is the scenic environment, and there can be hardly any to rival the stunning backdrop of Mt Babia Góra towering over the charming village of Zawoja, known for its natural beauty and hospitable people. It is a perfect destination for aficionados of outdoor activities: hiking, skiing, cycling, and recently also dog sled racing.

The Dog Sled Races in Zawoja are part of the Polish Cup ON SNOW 2024, a prestigious national competition that attracts the most talented and experienced mushers. The races are held in different categories based on the number of dogs in the team (ranging from two to eight) and distances (from 4 to 15 miles). The races are timed, and the winners are determined by the fastest cumulative time. Slated for 3 and 4 February 2024, the event is a gathering of top-tier athletes from across Europe, including reigning World Champions in sled dog racing.

The races are more than just an opportunity to see and photograph the champions in action and cheer them as they rush past your stand racing for the podium. The Dog Sled Races in Zawoja offer other a wealth of attractions for dog sledding enthusiasts eager to share the fun with family and/or friends, and certainly include a chance to meet and interact with the amazing dogs, photo opportunities with the dogs and the mushers, learning more about their training and equipment, and, who knows, perhaps even an opportunity to feel the thrill of being pulled by a team of dogs?

All things told, it will be a perfect opportunity to enjoy a unique event held in a winter wonderland among stunning views. Why tarry, then? Gather your friends and family, grab the camera(s), and book your winter break in Zawoja in Małopolska to witness the best of the best!

The Dog Sled Races in Zawoja are organised by Dog Adventure sports club and supported by the Municipality of Zawoja – the main partner of the event, and by Małopolska Region famous for promoting sport, tourism, and culture. The event is held under the honorary patronage of Witold Kozłowski, the Marshal of the Małopolska Region.
Mt Babia Góra, Poland’s highest peak outside the Tatras, stands 1725 m asl (5660 ft asl), a height that leaves its very top barren and often snow-clad well into May. In summer, Zawoja, nestled at its foot and extending up to its knees is a perfect base for long hikes in the surrounding mountain ranges with plentiful waymarked trails.

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