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A view of a historical bandshell and the New Pump House on the far side of Krynica Spa Promenade. Some tourists are walking along the wide sunlit promenade, while others sit on white benches. The foreground is taken by a carpet of flowers.

Krynica-Zdrój: it’s all in the name.

Nestled on a picturesque slope amidst abundant mineral springs revered for their healing properties since the late 18th century, Krynica Zdrój captivates with its scenic beauty. As one of Poland’s most versatile spas, it hosts a range of events, from the prestigious International Economic Forum, once dubbed “the Polish Davos,” to the Jan Kiepura Festival, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. More

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A view of a beautifully though dimly lit Weimar Chamber with a small brine lake at the bottom. A panoramic gallery on the right hand side continues into stairs running up the salt wall in the background. There is a salt sculpture standing by the lake.

Worth their Weight in Salt (and Sulphur).

In Małopolska, beauty and health care are turning into a truly regional product, and it is not for nothing that the region ranks second in Poland in terms of officially registered health resorts and first in terms of amount, diversity, quality, and use of minerals (mostly dissolved in water) with therapeutic values. More

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A view of a mountain clearing with plenty of purple crocuses. There are patches of snow lying in the valley. The left is taken by the eaves of a wooden cottage, and the right by the forested knees of the Tatra Mountains under the blue sky in the centre.

Your cheerful swing into spring.

If once upon a midnight dreary, you realise you’re fed up with winter (particularly because it is drab and dreary), and you ponder – weak and weary – what to do about it, hesitate then no longer and treat yourself to steaming thermal bath that will make your soul grow stronger. Take a break and make a cheerful swing into spring. Only this and nothing more! More

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A team of two highlanders participate in a ski-skiring racing on the snow. One of them, the skier, is towed by the other, riding a horse. Both the contestants are wearing traditional Highlander costumes. Many mountain ranges can indistinctly be seen in the background.

Ideal combination of health, relax and fun.

There is a place that brings together all the modern options for comfort with the stewardship for the traditional, and it is called Bukowina Tatrzańska. As the name suggests, it lies on the knees of the Tatra Mountains. More

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