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View of the upper terrace of the graduation tower (thorn house) in Wieliczka sided with barriers to protect walkers from falling down from the height onto the surrounding green lawns, behind which white buildings with red roofs can be seen. Standing in the far left against the azure blue sky with some white tufts of clouds is the tallest part of the graduation tower made of countless buckthorn buckthorn twigs and boughs.

Salt’s in the air.

Breathing air imbued with microscopic droplets of salty water has curative properties as such a salt aerosol is restorative for lungs. Supported with observations, that knowledge prompted opening of underground spas in the salt mines and the construction of graduation towers. More

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A young couple are taking a relaxing dip in an open thermal pool surrounded by a row of blue deckchairs. The man and woman are immersed in water to the shoulders. A panorama of nearby houses among green trees opens behind them, with the lofty massif of the High Tatras under cloudy sky as the backdrop.

Małopolska hot springs: make the plunge!

Podhale, an area in the south of Małopolska, is a paradise for everyone who values hot mineral springs for relaxation and health benefits. The local thermal waters offer advantages beyond purely therapeutic as the complexes built over them at the foot of the Tatra Mountains also offer active recreation and ways of spending your time leisurely, while health benefits are a valuable “side effect”. More

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A view of the centre of Szczawnica spa focusing on the Dom nad Zdrojami pump room. There is a round fountain with waterjets and a woman’s statue in the foreground, and Café Helenka above it on the right.

Szczawnica spa: where boredom is hard to find.

Do you prefer an active or a leisurely stay at a spa? Especially if your answer’s been “both”, Szczawnica, the ideal Małopolska spa, is the right place for you! Even if leisure was expected to be leisurely, there are so many options to be active in and around Szczawnica that not getting active during your stay or visit verges on the impossible. Whichever activity you choose, you can do it at your favourite pace, whether entirely unhurried or active-active. One thing is certain: you will feast your eyes on the beautiful panoramas of the nearby mountains. More

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A bird’s eye view of the central part of Krynica SPA, with the neo-Renaissance mansion of the Old Spa House on the left, and the modernist Main Pumping Room and the sanatorium in the modernist New Spa House on the other side of the Central Promenade. At the top, the tree-clad slope on the right gives room to buildings that continue downwards along the Bulwary Dietla promenade over the Kryniczanka Stream along the left edge.

Live mineral waters.

Come to Małopolska spas to make friends with the real mineral waters. Unbottled and running from their springs straight into your mug in the numerous pumping rooms, or perhaps into a mudbath therapy tub? Or with the drops broken into a gentle spray for you to inhale and soothe that aching throat? The options are countless. More

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