A woman in the centre of a slightly misty picture is peering from an outdoor swimming pool, its water steaming. She is perhaps admiring the low evergreen trees covered with thick snow in front of her, while the background consists of a lavishly glazed and lit building of the thermal baths.
Terma Bania.

Pampering your body and soul in Białka Tatrzańska.


Welcome to an exceptional combination of sport and spa, active pleasure and pampering your senses, with folklore and fun on top of those! Feel the unique climate of a Highlander village, and explore its pistes and thermal baths.


A group of children in yellow vests learn to ski on a gentle snow-covered brow of a hill, following an instructor in a light blue jacket. Several other skiers can be seen behind them under a ski lift and tall spruces partly blocking the clear sky.
Children on a skiing slope

The traditional Highlander village in question is Białka Tatrzańska. Situated in the beautiful Podhale region on the knees of the lofty Tatra Mountains, it doubles for a great ski resort and has one more advantage, as the hot springs lying deep underneath it allow you to combine physical exercise with relaxation in hot water. The sense of wellness and comfort can be reinforced further by beauty treatments and delights of the kitchen. What can be greater and more relaxing after a whole day spent skiing or snowboarding on the snowy slopes than immersing your body in thermal waters?! Anyone who knows the experience also knows that there is no better après-ski! Catering to visitors in the need of such exercise and relaxation, Białka Tatrzańska offers particular attractions at Christmastime and around the New Year.

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The thermal baths of Bania Hotel cover over 1,350 m², which is more than two tennis courts for singles.
The water for the pools is mined from the depth of 2,500m and must be cooled from its original 80°C/176°C.
O! We might have forgotten to tell you: children are welcome, and there are special attractions designed for them.

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