A long wooden platform runs among tall trees, opening a vista to a tall panoramic tower providing the end of the educational trail.
Educational trail.

Inviting Nature Explorers on an Extraordinary Journey.


Gorce Gateway – Brama w Gorce is a nature exploration hub that many envy the city of Nowy Targ in Małopolska. It has long been a favourite destination for families, school groups, and nature enthusiasts, as it fosters a sense of wonder, appreciation, and responsibility toward the environment. Nestled in the valley of the Kowaniec stream, it has been thoughtfully designed for active nature enthusiasts seeking a unique experience bringing together adventure and fun, seasonal delights, and an educational hub promoting environmental awareness and sustainable tourism. What better way to explore local natural and landscape treasures?


There are two display cabinets with screens presenting wildlife. Animals and plants are also depicted on white walls on the right and in the back.
Educational Pavilion.

The whole project started with a vision of local enthusiasts, environmentalists, and nature lovers in the early 2000s. They envisioned creating a space where people could connect with the pristine wilderness of the Gorce Mountains. After meticulous planning, construction began in 2010, and the Gorce Gateway officially opened to the public in 2014.

The Treetop Path is not just a treetop path, as this iconic platform meticulously designed to blend seamlessly into the forest canopy stretches over the impressive 1300 meters, making it the longest in Europe. To let you experience the forest from a unique perspective, Viewing Towers (17 and 35 metre tall) were added to it, and now ensure breathtaking views of the surrounding.

The seasonal delights in winter consist of sleigh rides, snowcat adventures, and cozy gatherings around bonfires. The Gorce Sleigh Ride lets you enjoy a ride in a horse-drawn sleigh taking you to a bonfire and regional treats, while the snowcat on a Gorce Snowride takes you to a high peak and lets you feast your eyes on the panoramas of the Tatras and the Pieniny mountain ranges, Czorsztyn Reservoir, and the distant peak of Mt Babia Góra.

In turn, the Educational Pavilion is the place of fascinating insights prepared by experts on Gorce nature. Here you can learn all about the flora, the fauna, and the geological wonders of the area, while the Gorce Beehive lets you learn about hardworking honey bees and their vital role in the life on our planet. If, however, you prefer to learn about the inanimate nature, the Underground Tunnel is just for you. Explore it to learn about the rocks of the local mountain and the origin of the Mały Kowaniec stream beneath your feet.


For information about exact opening hours, tickets, access, cafés, the shepherd’s cottage, and parking, please visit here!

“Ideal for Families” means not only attractive location with plentiful infrastructure and diverse attractions promising an unforgettable experience for families. The extra attractions for children include a playground, a forest slide, and the Gorce pen with bunnies, young goats and sheep and a pony.
Keep quiet while on the treetop path and the viewing towers: this boosts your chance to spot such birds as the capercaillie, black grouse, golden eagles, woodpeckers, and owls.

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