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Three tourists, nearly obscured by their large backpacks, stand on a boulder on the left, looking at an impressive arena of tall rocks surrounding a dark blue lake with some green vegetation on its shores. The day is sunny, and the sky is blue.

Walking high and low.

Have we told you that has Małopolska Region something for everyone to enjoy? We haven’t? Oh, then we should have! Long ago! Our mountains for example: even the highest Tatras are fronted by a line of gentler hills, known as the Regle, that offer plentiful options for walking. And yes, you’ve guessed right: as they are at the foot of the Tatras, once you’ve reached the top, you’ll be treated to wonderful panoramas of the rocky crags opening before your eyes as in reward for your climb. More

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A chapel of bright stone peering from among lush vegetation on a hill ridge. The day is sunny, even though tuft-like clouds in the centre are giving way to darker ones on the right and in the centre, over the distant hills.

Nature’s six shrines: Małopolska national parks.

Each of the region’s national parks is a powerful ecosystem with protected plants and animal species. The Tatras are a refuge for bears, marmots and chamois, and the 700 caves in the Ojcowski NP, smallest of them all, offers lodging to various bat species. The six treasure troves of nature as it should be. More

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A wide-angle shot of a man wearing blue jeans, a traditional embroidered caftan over a white sleeved shirt, and a black round at with a string of white shells. He is holding a punt to navigate the raft in the foreground along a greenish river flowing fast into a gorge between rocks overgrown with greenery. Another slope in the background runs under copious clouds lit up by the sun.

Let Dunajec raftsmen ferry you centuries back.

All the photos from the gorgeous Dunajec Gorge show raftsmen taking tourists in wooden punts down the river running into white limestone rocks. And this is what we cordially invite you to try: a rafting adventure without excess of white waters, in the tranquillity of the whispering waves and tree branches. More

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A section of the bicycle route in the foreground parallel to a river in the background, with cows grazing in the belt of greenery separating the two. There is more greenery on the other bank of the river.

Cycling comfortably in Małopolska.

Have you heard of VeloMałopolska? It is a system of top-quality cycle routes that meets the European EuroVelo standard. Over 600km out of the 1000km of routes planned in the Małopolska Region have been upgraded and built to this highest of standards. More

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