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A bird-eye view of a piste in a snow-covered evergreen forest. The snow-covered piste, with several people skiing and tracks left by others, runs vertically across the centre of the photo.

Burning that extra Christmas calory.

In Yuletide, Małopolska more than ever reminds me of Hobbiton. Eating, overeating, and then filling up the corners with the most delicate grub is certainly one of the similarities. And from Christmas Eve Supper to New Year’s dinner, it does snow food and rain drink in Poland. Little wonder that, like the hobbits of the Shire, the big folk of Małopolska take walking very seriously after indulging in festive dishes. We take our walking sticks, or telescopic poles, and head into the mountains. We go even further than that and can actually do some good-natured running. More

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A distant drone-eye view of a square surrounded by buildings, with streets radiating symmetrically from it. The centre of the square is taken by a lawn intersected with paths. There are trees growing inside the city blocks, and the streets are busy with cars and trams.

Welcome to Jungle, no Longer Concrete.

Nowa Huta, intended to provide housing for the Lenin Steelworks, is literally “New Steelworks”. Named also “the city without God” it was decreed by Stalin to feed the Comecon economy. More

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View of the rocks forming the floor, walls, and ceiling of the cave. Some areas are illuminated with warm orange light.

In a Hole in the Ground…

Each has taken millions of years to develop, and each is unique, like a fingerprint. Caves. Empty spaces in the rock, some are mere hollows, while others extend into long branching galleries deep into the dark. Products of nature, chiselled with soft water in hard stone, they have always inspired our imagination. Although none of Małopolska’s caves has given rise to legends of trolls, Gollum, and the One Ring, we have a dragon! The Wawel Dragon. And many of the most beautiful among the over 4000 Polish caves. Let’s have a short peek into a handful, shall we? More

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View from the top of Mt Sokolica, capturing the breathtaking landscape of the wooded and sunlit Pieniny Mountains. Mist is rising from the valley between the ridges. The sky is blue with white clouds.

The Pieniny.

A pocket-size cluster of tall limestone rocks with tall white cliffs, at whose foot the fast-flowing Dunajec River meanders, is a perfect destination for the whole family, as it offers many attractive ways of spending time together, and boasts perfect accommodation in close vicinity. More

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