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A view of a young woman riding a bicycle along a purpose-built path in the desert. She is wearing sportswear and a helmet. At the end of the path, there is a shelter and a metal platform. Some trees and lamp posts stand to the left of the path, and the sky is cloudy.

A Desert? In Europe?

Calling all adventurers! A hidden gem awaits your discovery among the forests and fields of Małopolska. One that will transport you to another world – reminiscent of Frank Herbert’s Dune or Mad Max. And yes, it is an actual desert! In Europe. Welcome to the Błędowska Desert, nestled in the northwest corner of Małopolska. More

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A view of a massive spinning swing, with a wheel of almost 27-metre diameter. People are seated in the wheel. Below, in the foreground, children with their parents are walking along the path among the amusement park’s huts. The sky is clear.

Energylandia: feel the thrill.

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure at Energylandia, Poland’s largest amusement park in Poland? Arranged on over 70 hectares, the park is home to over a hundred attractions designed for all age groups: kids, teenagers, and adults. In its six thematic zones, Energylandia promises hours of unforgettable entertainment for everyone. More

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In the foreground, a stream drops down over the rocks into a lush green evergreen wood below, with the left-hand side of the picture taken by a large blue-green tarn (mountain lake) at the foot of tall mountains rising towards the blue sky.

Hiking high in Małopolska’s Majestic Mountains.

Now that the skiing season is (nearly) over, why don’t you treat yourself to an equally vigorous workout which, at this time of year, offers even more magnificent views that are still reminiscent of winter, even if already dominated by the lush spring vegetation sprouting all around you? More

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A stream is running over pebbles and small rocks in the foreground, the background is taken by an autumn meadow reaching into wooded hills on the left and right. Bare peaks of the Rocky Tatras can be seen under clear blue sky behind a low hill on the left.

Great walks. Daffodils not guaranteed.

Taking long walks is a great active way of spending time and has been a pastime of the leisured classes since their emergence. Whether you take children with you, the whole family or a group of friends, or you “wander lonely as a cloud” and as William Wordsworth, you will find no boredom if you let your feet walk upon Małopolska’s mountains green and in its valleys among their pleasant pastures. More

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