In the very foreground a happy couple in dark glasses are smiling at each other. Their arms rest on the edge of the pool, in which they are submerged up to their armpits. The Termy Bania building under blue sky with tufty white clouds provide the background.
Termy Bania

How about a healthy hot dip?


Profuse reserves of thermal waters belie the area at the foot of the Tatras: Poland’s only rocky mountains. Little wonder that thermal baths offering not only a wealth of relaxation options but also stunning views have developed throughout the region.

You are welcome to choose the one that suits you best: the Aqua Park in Zakopane may offer colder water (30°C–32°C/86°F–90°F) and tempt you to a regular swimming pool with lanes, recreational pools, hydromassages with spouts and cascades, as well as an outdoor recreation and swimming pools with a breath-taking view of the Tatras.

A profile view of a woman lying in a pool of water, her eyes closed and her head is gently resting on a rolled white towel. The look of bliss on her face may come from the warmth of the water, in which she is submerged up to the shoulder bone. The blurred blue tiles behind her and a doorway suggest that the photo was taken indoors.
Relaxing. Some like it hot

As, like all the others, it is designed for leisure with the whole family in mind, there is also a paddling pool for children with a pleasant slide.

Speaking of slides and children: the one in Szaflary Thermal Baths offers three parallel tracks for you to plunge into the pool together. In turn Szaflary – Gorący Potok offers hot (34°C–40°C/94°F–104°F) sulphur baths modelled on ancient Roman ones, as well as outdoor pools for swimming, and hydromassages.

Individual spas offer saunas, mud baths, and a plethora of beautifying and relaxing treatments. The Bania Thermal Baths in Białka Tatrzańska even have a graduation tower to permeate the air with a delicate mist of curative brine.

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As it comes straight from the underground deposits, all the hot water in the baths and pools is natural, and so are the minerals: motes of the rocks dissolved for eons. The heat is a remnant from the distant volcanic past of the area.
Thermal waters offer more than just the pleasure of relaxing in a hot bath: the health-boosting minerals they contain are more easily absorbed in temperatures over 20°C (68°F) and water temperatures in Małopolska thermal baths reach 36°–38°C (c.100°F).

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