A rocky road leading between two trees to the main gate of a castle. On its right side road, there is a low metal railing, and on the left – a bench under a tree. The left wall of the entrance gate is living rocks. The sky is blue.
Ruins of Ojców Castle.

Beauty that has Waited for you for 150 Million Years.


Thanks to the picturesque landscapes and rich history, a walk, a ride or a drive in Małopolska offers a perfect blend of history, adventure, and breathtaking vistas that will leave you in awe. Read on to discover the captivating world of the Trail of Eagles’ Nests and Ojcowski National Park, where history and nature intertwine to create an enchanting experience for adults and children alike.

A woman and a man are lifting a small boy up into the air. The two is walking across a meadow with tall grass and flowers. In the background, there are numerous wooded hills, and the sky is blue with cottony white clouds.
A family out on a walk.

Guarding Ancient Borders

The steep hills and inaccessible vertical rocks amidst the wilderness were perfect spots for the construction of castles and watchtowers. Today, they are fantastic destinations for a day’s tour. Consisting of castles and watchtowers built by King Casimir the Great, the Trail of Eagles’ Nests, known in Polish as Szlak Orlich Gniazd, is a historical gem that takes you to the most beautiful spots of the Jurassic Plateau stretching between Kraków and Częstochowa. It follows the defensive line that safeguarded Poland’s 14th-century borders from incursions, and travelling merchants from highwaymen. Today, the trail stands as one of Poland’s oldest and most beautiful tourist attractions. Spanning close to 100 miles, it is strewn with perfect spots for your Instagram or TikTok.

A Fairytale Wonderland in a Nutshell

The Ojcowski National Park, nestled within the Trail of Eagles’ Nests, is a very special location. As Poland’s smallest national park, it is perfectly walkable, even with small children. There are many reasons to visit it, as it extends over the Prądnika and Sąspowska valleys – nature’s treasure troves, where you can immerse yourself in the wonders of nature. These most beautiful Jurassic valleys have waited for you for 150 million years. The intensive erosion has crafted incredible rock formations into fanciful shapes that human ingenuity calls Brama Krakowska – the Kraków Gate, Rękawica – Glove, and and Maczuga Herkulesa – Hercules’ Mace. Water passing through the soft rock has also formed numerous caves, some bear traces of Neanderthal inhabitants and are among the country’s most precious archeological sites. Jaskinia Łokietka (Łokietek Cave) and Jaskinia Ciemna (Dark or Ojcowska) welcome visitors.

Nestled at the bottom of the valley and on its slopes are the wooden developments of the Ojców spa, sometimes referred to as “Polish Switzerland”, a name they owe to architecture that, developed from the mid-19th century to the time between the two world wars, eagerly imitated the Swiss chalet style.

Whether you choose to walk, ride, or drive along the trail, your every step will be filled with wonder and excitement. Pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and set off on a journey to the most beautiful corners of Małopolska. Discover the magic of the Trail of Eagles’ Nests and Ojcowski National Park and so much more, as Małopolska holds so many more options for the whole family.

One of the gems of the Ojcowski National Park is the Ojców Castle, one of the Eagles’ Nests that is open to visitors on all days.
If you intend to make Kraków your base, the distance should not be a problem, as the first of “the Eagles’ Nests“ is Wawel, standing in the heart of the city, and Ojców Castle, one of the most picturesque ruins of the trail, is situated in a valley that is not even 15 miles away.
A favourite place for weddings, the Chapel of St Joseph in Ojców is also known as the Chapel on the Water, as in 1901 its builders entertained the idea to build it over a running stream.
There are convenient car parks near the major attractions of the Trail of Eagles’ Nests and in Ojcowski National Park.

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