A night-time bird’s eye view of the historical city centre of Kraków. The two towers of unequal height of St Mary’s visible in the foreground on the left stand against a broad background of artificially lit Main Market Square. Standing around it are mansions and townhouses, and its centre is taken by the long Cloth Hall and the Town Hall Tower. Above, the sun is setting below dark clouds.
Kraków City Centre

Art and culture

Architecture is an art. Is every architect an artist then? To find out, we set off on a journey through medieval tenements, cobbled streets of the Old Town, spray-coated walls of Krakow’s modernist symbols and the Vistula Boulevards bathed in sunlight. #krakowthehostcity

You still need good guides for the trip:

Professor Krzysztof Ingarden. An architect whose works have become the cultural heritage of Krakow.

Łukasz “Nawer” Habiera. Architect and street artist.

He draws his inspiration from the rhythm and orderly chaos of the city.

Get to know the two faces of Małopolska. Which one are you going to choose?



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