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A large group of men and women dressed in traditional Highlander costumes are standing on a stage with wooden walls. Three men in the front are holding alpenhorns that they are playing. The banner above the stage reads “Highlander Carnival”.

Tradition Must Flow!

Let yourself be attracted to the world of the Polish Highlanders and embark on a cultural and culinary journey unlike any other. Nestled amidst the majestic Tatra Mountains, Zakopane welcomes you to explore the vibrant culture of Górale: the Polish Highlanders. With its unique architecture, rich customs, traditional costumes, and mouth-watering albeit simple cuisine, this enchanting town offers a captivating experience that will leave you mesmerised. More

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A band are performing on a large open-air stage in the centre of the picture. Two musicians playing trumpets can be seen on a bright TV wall to its right. In the square in front of the stage, hundreds of people are listening to the evening concert, there is a large historical brick building behind the stage.

Tapestry of Cultures: Kraków Festival Medley.

Can you preserve your identity while embracing the cultural traditions and spirit of other cities and cultures? Kraków answers with a resounding yes. For many years, the city has immersed itself in the Jewish world through the annual Jewish Culture Festival, held every summer since 1990. It has also transformed into a distant part of New Orleans for the Summer Jazz Festival Kraków, only to return to its multinational cosmopolitan ambiance for the ULICA Festival of Street Theatres. More

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Artificially lit hangar in the museum filled with plenty larger and smaller aircraft. Some of them are fighter planes.

A night like no other.

Every year, select European cities and towns participate in the Night of Museums. Why not choose Kraków/Małopolska this year? More

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A bird’s eye view of Tarnów Market Square with its central Renaissance townhall with a tower and townhouses surrounding it. Many café and restaurant tables are standing under large umbrellas in the square. The background is made up of multiple buildings, their skyline dominated by an impressive church with a tall spire visible against an overcast sky.

Plunge into Małopolska.

Why not treat yourself to a bank holiday weekend in Małopolska, a region whose diversity gives you positive surprises at every turn, whether majestic mountains, forests and lakes, unique architecture or simply great food? It provides a wealth of wonderful options to explore great locations, experience a different culture and – in particular – give you a break from the daily grind. It is a region for everyone – the active and the hedonistic alike. The options are many. More

Małopolska has more to offer. Look and see: