Art and culture

Architecture is an art. Is every architect an artist then? To find out, we set off on a journey through medieval tenements, cobbled streets of the Old Town, spray-coated walls of Krakow's modernist symbols and the Vistula Boulevards bathed in sunlight. #krakowthehostcity You still need good guides for the trip: Professor Krzysztof Ingarden. An architect whose works have become the cultural heritage of Krakow. Łukasz "Nawer" Habiera. Architect and street artist. He draws his inspiration from the rhythm and orderly chaos of the city. Get to know the two faces of Małopolska. Which one are you going to choose? #itstimeformeetings Read More

Let Dunajec raftsmen ferry you centuries back.

All the photos from the gorgeous Dunajec Gorge show raftsmen taking tourists in wooden punts down the river running into white limestone rocks. And this is what we cordially invite you to try: a rafting adventure without excess of white waters, in the tranquillity of the whispering waves and tree branches. Read More

How about a healthy hot dip?

Profuse reserves of thermal waters belie the area at the foot of the Tatras: Poland’s only rocky mountains. Little wonder that thermal baths offering not only a wealth of relaxation options but also stunning views have developed throughout the region. Read More

Come to the relaxed side. We have mineral springs!

As many of us may feel downtrodden after dismal gloom of winter with its Blue Mondays, may we perhaps tempt you to taking a few years off your back, adding some healthy springiness to your step, and – why not – brightening your spirit, and that not necessarily by brightening your skin tone? Read More