Małopolska hot springs: make the plunge!

Podhale, an area in the south of Małopolska, is a paradise for everyone who values hot mineral springs for relaxation and health benefits. The local thermal waters offer advantages beyond purely therapeutic as the complexes built over them at the foot of the Tatra Mountains also offer active recreation and ways of spending your time leisurely, while health benefits are a valuable “side effect”. Read More

Małopolska: to live it better not faster

How about a rest from the traffic, commercials, and the news? A bonfire with friends? Breathing clear air and washing in crystalline water undoused with chloride? Sitting by a fireplace after a day’s fill of trekking or skiing, or perhaps your favourite creative pursuits? If you would, Małopolska slow living culture and agritourism hosts are an ideal option for you. Read More

Na zdrowie!

Elsewhere around the country our compatriots may perhaps bear a grudge against associating Poland with alcohol, yet that is not the case in Małopolska. In our region, we relish in the tastes of fine alcohols, ranging from craft beers and wines to potent Śliwowica, which we suggest should be sipped rather than quaffed. Read More

Where eagles dare

If you’re likely to answer the question “Why did you want to climb Mount Everest?” with “Because it's there”, following the famous retort of George Herbert Leigh Mallory, an English mountaineer who might have climbed Mount Everest nearly 30 years before Hillary, Małopolska has something more than just trekking in store for you. Read More