Stick Together

How about joining the 28th IHF World Men’s Handball Championships, an international festival of sport and fun that Kraków and Małopolska are getting ready for in January 2023? Read More

Enjoy the treasures of autumn

Living in the “global village”, we might have become slightly disconnected from the traditional practices based on the natural rhythm of seasons. We might have forgotten that autumn, the season following harvest and preceding winter, was the time of plenty for our grandfathers and their grandfathers’ grandfathers as well. The time when larders and granaries were full, and you could follow the carpe diem maxim, and enjoy the pleasures of the well-laden table pushing away the thought about the first frosty breaths of winter. Read More

Salt’s in the air

Breathing air imbued with microscopic droplets of salty water has curative properties as such a salt aerosol is restorative for lungs. Supported with observations, that knowledge prompted opening of underground spas in the salt mines and the construction of graduation towers. Read More