Ideal combination of health, relax and fun.

There is a place that brings together all the modern options for comfort with the stewardship for the traditional, and it is called Bukowina Tatrzańska. As the name suggests, it lies on the knees of the Tatra Mountains. Read More

Making skier spirits bright.

There are two types of skiers: those who return to the same location every year, and those who look for fresh routes and challenges every year. Both have valid reasons to visit Malopolska. Read More

The Miracle of Light.

Stained-glass may seem a forgotten art, yet it has never ceased to fascinate, especially when you are dazzled by the beauty of the light that has penetrated the multiple colourful glass panes. Read More

Boost your resilience.

As the temperatures have dropped, short days with insufficient sunlight offer an excuse to grumble, and seasonal infections make headlines, many people in Małopolska turn to traditional foods to boost their resilience and keep them healthy through the winter and early spring. Read More